Friday, June 25, 2010

Janus- "Red Right Return"

The first album I am choosing to review is from a fairly new, Chicago-based band called Janus. Their debut album, Red Right Return has become like a new religion to me. For the past few months, no matter what this album usually gets put on somehow and I end up listening to the whole thing. After one of the first listens I gave them, I knew they would become one of my new favorite bands.

Janus was formed in Chicago in 2004 but they have just recently been getting their feet off the ground and forming a fan base with their September 2009 release of Red Right Return. The band received a lot attention from rock radio stations all over the U.S. with their first single, "Eyesore." Being probably the heaviest on the album, it was definitely the song to release to attract new listeners and fans. The song features different instruments that make the rest of this album unique like different electric sounds and percussion not often heard. The chorus of the song is definitely a headbanger, featuring frontman David Scotney's ridiculous and almost painful sounding screams. A video was also released for "Eyesore" which features the band playing in front of large crowd in what looks like a war setting with gas masks covering their faces. It's definitely a powerful video going along with a powerful song.

"Eyesore" is just one of the many great tracks on this album. This album would definitely attract fans of such bands as Evans Blue, Sevendust, Chevelle, Sick Puppies, or many other popular names in rock today. What caught my attention most was their striking resemblance to Evans Blue. That is when Evans Blue was good when they had Kevin Matisyn in the band. Anyway, Scotney's vocals are very similar to Matisyn's, especially in one of their more slower tracks, "Maybe It's You." The album starts out with "Six Letter's Sent" which opens with a heavy riff that caught my attention right away and made me know this was going to be a great album. It then takes you to their second track and their just released second single "If I Were You." Other stand-out tracks on this album include "The Nerve" which is another one of their more heavy songs. One of the best parts of this song is the continuous screams let out at the end and heavy instrumentals which is definitely the climax of this song. "100 Years" is the closing track on the album, and this song is another one of their more slower songs. Going from songs like "Eyesore" and "The Nerve" and then to a song like this definitely shows their range and ability to create both kinds of songs.

After being an owner of this album for about a month now, I can definitely name Janus as one of my new favorite bands. Their hard rock sound with distorted and melodic guitar riffs mixed with the unique vocals of Scotney makes for a great album. I see potential of this band becoming big or at least gaining a huge fan base. I recommend this album if you're into the bands listed above, or are just a fan of good rock music.

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