Sunday, September 5, 2010

10 Years "Feeding The Wolves"

Tennessee rockers 10 Years have since had a career of releasing quality albums with their debut "Seasons To Cycle" and "Division." Their third album that came out August 31 "Feeding The Wolves" is indeed no exception to this consistent release of great material.

The first preview of the new album came with the release of their first single "Shoot It Out" in the summer. After the first 10 seconds of the song played, it was an obvious "wow" moment, realizing how big they were going with this new-ish direction. The single was a bit more heavy than their previous work, and they pulled it off. Albeit, it is the heaviest song on the album, and was the perfect way to give fans a little sneak peek at what "Feeding The Wolves" would bring.

10 Years did not let fans down once they were given a chance to take a listen to the rest of the album. This record is high-quality, melodic, hard and it just plain rocks. Frontman Jesse Hasek has one of the most unique voices in rock. His voice is a big asset to the band, along with their original riffs and amazing ability with writing lyrics. This album is full of all those things, and also has a great blend of hard, heavy songs along with slow, beautiful songs. One of these songs is "One More Day." This song is very much a power-ballad. Another example of songs like this is "Don't Fight It."

This album is chalk-full of great songs that it's impossible to skip songs on this album. It flows from song to song and the whole album works together with the flow. "Now Is The Time (Ravenous)" is a huge highlight of the album. It is one of the hardest and catchiest songs on the album. Other highlights are "Fix Me,"Dead In The Water," and "Chasing The Rapture."

10 Years has only become stronger over the years of their career. "Feeding The Wolves" probably ranks as one of their strongest albums so far and will most likely get the biggest response out of all three of their releases. Hopefully the success of the band only gets bigger, because 10 Years is a band that definitely deserves it's recognition.