Friday, August 27, 2010

Parabelle Album Preview

For rock lovers everywhere, the day Kevin Matisyn left his ex-band Evans Blue was a very sad day. After just two great albums, the singer left the band causing the band to replace him. This ruined Evans Blue for me because Matisyn had such a unique voice that made the band. Now they just sound like any other rock band. However, the day rock lovers heard his new band Parabelle, it gave a sense of relief that he was not out of the rock scene.

Parabelle formed as a side project in 2007 with Matisyn while he was still in Evans Blue and with Kenneth Nixon of Framing Hanley. Now the band has taken off with additions to their line-up. Nixon eventually left Parabelle to focus solely on Framing Hanley. The band's first release was a double album in 2009 titled a "A Summit Borderline/A Drop in The Oeanic." This album is very promising and will appeal to any Evans Blue fan, if not any rock fan. It's a very raw album that features a good blend of heavy tracks and soft melodies. It wasn't quite as heavy as the previous Evans Blue albums, but it had a sense of potential that left any fan wanting to hear more.

Parabelle is currently working on their second album to be released just a little over a year after their debut album. The album is said to be titled Reassembling The Icons. They have released the first single off the album titled "More." After wanting more from their first album, this is a very promising single. It features Matisyn's incredible voice along with great guitar riffs and melodies. To me, this goes back to the talented Matisyn in the Evans Blue days. Evans Blue was one of my favorite bands a couple years ago and now that we have music like this coming from Matisyn, it gives us all a sense of relief. This album will be a very great piece of work if the rest of the songs live up to "More." Their second album is said to release in late fall of 2010.